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TV on DVD: Westerns
3 DVD Set
Running Time: Approx. 6 3/4 Hours
Color and B &W



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In Branded, Chuck Connors plays the part of Captain Jason McCord, West Point graduate and decorated Cavalry officer. As the sole survivor of the Battle at Bitter Creek, an Apache Indian massacre, he is judged to have deserted the field of battle and is stripped of his rank. He is branded a coward and disgraced in the eyes of the world.

In these sixteen episodes, the entire first season, McCord roams the West in search of redemption and justice, for others and ultimately for himself.

His exciting travels take him into the lives of many others searching for the dream of the American West. He moves from one job to the next, one town to the next, plying his training as an engineer. He always takes the time to lend a hand, to right a wrong, to stand up to injustice.

From time to time, President Ulysses S. Grant recruits him for daring undercover missions, which he courageously undertakes, but his disgrace and shame follow him wherever he goes.

Branded, first aired in January, 1965, had a very successful two year run, and was well received. A mark of its success is the number and quality of television stars of the time that appeared in guest roles. They included Alex Cord, Burt Reynolds, Peter Graves, Rod Cameron, Claude Akins, Gene Evans, John Ireland, John Carradine, MacDonald Carey, Cesar Romero, Chad Everett, Marie Windsor, Marilyn Maxwell, Warren Oates, Greg Morris, John Agar, Bruce Dern, Beau Bridges, Lee Van Cleef and many more future stars.

Branded is a true Western classic and Chuck Connors as Jason McCord is the epitome of the American spirit; rugged and courageous. He is unafraid to take on any task, and through his strength and will, he is able to overcome whatever odds are placed before him.


Disc 1

Survival (B & W) 22:02
Guest Stars: Alex Cord, Janet de Gore, Robert Carricat, Valerie Szabo, Harry Harvey, Sr.
Jason McCord comes to the aid of Jed Colbee (Alex Cord), near death in the desert. But when he tries to help him, Colbee leaves Jason in the desert with no water and no canteen. Reaching safety, Jason seeks out Colbee for revenge, but has a change of heart when he sees Colbee with his daughter.

The Vindicator (B & W) 22:11
Guest Stars: Claude Akins, Harry Carey, Jr., John Litel, June Lockhart, Johnny Jensen, John Pickard, Bob Random
A newspaper reporter, Ned Travis (Claude Akins), sets out to do a story on Jason McCord and what really happened at "Bitter Creek." Travis searches out the widow of John Pritchard (Harry Carey, Jr.) who served with McCord. She has letters that seem to imply that McCord was covering up for the General (John Litel), but when Travis asks Jason about it, he tells the reporter, "What happened at "Bitter Creek" is between me an my conscience," so Jason must still roam the west 'branded' a coward.

The Test (B & W) 22:09
Guest Stars: Jason Evers, Jay Silverheels, Joe De Santis, Michael Kemp, John War Eagle, Albert Monte
Jason becomes involved with Father Durant (Jason Evers), in a gun battle with four drunken Comanches. This leads to a confrontation with Chief Looking Glass (Jay Silverheels), and Jason must stand in for the priest in a battle of honor with the drunken survivor of the gunfight.

Rules of the Game (B & W) 22:08
Guest Star: Jeanne Cooper, Russ Conway, Brad Weston, Harry Bartell, L.Q. Jones, Kathy Garver, Arthur Peterson
Jason arrives at the town of Mckinley, and meets a face from his past, Elsie Brown (Jeanne Cooper). She had been a saloon girl in Carson City and was now trying to make it on the straight and narrow. When things turn violent Jason must find out the identity of the killer and help Elsie restore her reputation.

The Bounty (B & W) 22:13
Guest Stars: Pat Conway, Gene Evans, Michael Ansara, Juli Reding
Jason is faced with bounty hunters in this episode, and Jason is the hunted. Turning the tables, McCord pretends that he, too, is a bounty hunter and uses his sabre and sexton as proof that he had killed Jason McCord.

The Rifleman:
"Day of the Hunter"
(B & W) 25:28
Cast: Chuck Connors (Lucas McCain), Johnnie Crawford (Mark McCain),
Paul Fix (Marshall Torrance),
Hope Summers (Hattie Denton),
John Anderson (Cass Calicott)

Disc 2

Leap Upon Mountains (B & W) 22:17
Guest Stars: Chris Alcaide, Claude Hall, John Ireland, Joan Leslie, Michael Masters, Lionel Decker, Bill Hart, Alex Sharp
Jason becomes involved with a Quaker woman (Joan Leslie) fighting for her water rights and her land.

Coward Steps Aside (B & W) 22:11
Guest Stars: Richard Arlen, Johnny Crawford, Charl Doherty, Skip Homier, Allan Jaffe, Loyal T. Lucas
Clay Holden (Johnny Crawford), a young deputy in a small town, is ordered by a gang of thieves to surrender his town to them. Jason befriends Holden, and together they take back the town. They share a father-son moment, reminiscent of many they shared on "The Rifleman."

The Mission - Part 1 (Color) 22:03
Guest Stars: John Carradine, MacDonald Carey, Peter Breck
Jason returns to Washington to help out an old flame and is asked to testify against his former commander, in order to renegotiate a treaty. McCord is approached by the WHite House to help in averting a war with Mexico.

The Mission - Part 2 (Color) 22:07
Guest Satrs: Kamala Devi, Peter Breck, John Carradine, Cesar Romero, H.M. Wynant, Jon Lormer, William Bryant
Jason undertakes a mission for President grant (william Bryant), infiltrating and leading a band of Mevican bandits under the command of General Arrioin (Cesar Romero). The plan is for them to be captured in an attempt to steal the gold from an Army fort. But things get tough fro Jason when the only man who knew of the President's plan is killed. Jason must go ahead with the raid.

The Mission - Part 3 (Color) 22:02
Guest Stars: John Carradine, Peter breck, MacDonald Carey
As the Mexican bandits try to steal the gold at the fort, McCord turns on them, and the raid is foiled. Unfortunately, General Josh McCord (John Carradine) recognizes McCord, and plans to hang the 'coward of Bitter Creek' along with the bandits.

Four Star Playhouse:
"Vote of Confidence"
(B & W) 25:38
With David Niven, Amanda Blake and Chuck Connors

Disc 3

The First Kill (B & W) 22:16
Guest Star: Chad Everett
Jason sees a young man in a saloon, and is struck by the resemblance to the first soldier he killed in the Civil War. Working on the young man's farm, he realizes the he is indeed the brother of the soldier, living with his embittered father, so wrapped up in grief and anger over the loss of his first son that he has virtually ignored his second. McCord must try to get the father to recognize his son's value.

Very Few Heroes (B & W) 22:12
Guest Stars: Tom Drake, Kathryn Hayes, Bing Russell, William Cort, Bill Hickman, Jay Jostyn, Stuart Lancaster
Jason becomes involved with Christina (Kathryn Hayes) who is in danger of losing her farm. He learns that her brother had served with McCord at Bitter Creek and had lost his life under suspicious circumstances. Jason must help Christina prove that her brother did not die for the life insurance, which bought her farm and testifies to the brother's heroism.

One Way Out (B & W) 22:10
Guest Stars: Paul Brent, John Dehner, Eddie Little Sky, X. Brands, Iron Eyes Cody
Jason is tricked into visiting a virtual ghost town on the promise of an engineering job. What he finds is a grief-stricken ols man whose first son was killed at Bitter Creek and who blames McCord for it.

That The Brave Endure (B & W) 22:13
Guest Stars: Don Collier, Tommy Sands, Willard Sage, Boyd Morgan, Marie Windsor, Douglas Fowley
Richard Bain, a West Point cadet, faces a court-martial for making statements that support McCord's action at Bitter Creek and he is forced to find Jason to determine the truth. Bain finds Jason working on a silver mine.

A Taste of Poison (B & W) 22:01
Guest Star: Carol Rossen
While escorting a young woman ( Carol Rossen) to a medical outpost, they stop at a well and are told that it has been poisoned, and that comanches are responsible. Jason is suspicious of the old timer who they meet at the well, and must unravel the truth.

Price of a Name (B & W) 22:16
Guest Stars: Marilyn Maxwell, Keith Andes, Don Megowan, Charles Fredericks, Don Douglas, Jay Sullivan
All the clues point to Jason's lovely new boss, Lucy Benson (Marilyn Maxwell) when she hires McCord to work on her ranch. He must fend off a number of people who want to harm him and it is clear that there is more to it than revenge for Bitter Creek. (This is the last episode of "Branded" aired in black and white. Although shot in color, the producers decided to air some episodes of the first season in B & W and some in color. The second season aired entirely in color).

Chuck Connors' Biography
(Color and B & W) 5:50



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