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Branded 2


TV on DVD: Westerns
3 DVD Set
Running Time: Over 13 Hours



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After a successful first season, Chuck Connors returned in 1965 to reprise the role of Jason McCord in Branded. McCord, a West Point graduate and decorated Cavalry Officer, was branded a coward by the Army following the Battle at Bitter Creek. He is disgraced in the eyes of the world, but as he travels throughout the Old West, he proves the label false over and over again. Whatever trouble he rides into, Jason McCord finds a way to get justice and redemption for those in need of help.

Branded continured to take on moral issues with high quality scripts and in the process attracted many of the top stars of the day. Some of Hollywood's most famous and successful actors appeared in cameo or main roles. For instance, Burt Reynolds appears as an apache chief, and Lee Van Cleef takes time out from making movies to play a bad guy opposite Connors on the small screen. Stars, and stars in the making, Dick Clark, Beau Bridges and Bruce Dern also appear.

In this, the final season of Branded, Chuck Connors portrays a true knight of the old west and the epitome of the American Spirit, taking on any challenge to emerge on the side of right and justice.

Extra - Larry Cohen, a Hollywood legend and the man responsible for bringing Branded to television, provides a fascinating look at what goes on behind the scenes in show business. His intriguing comments set Branded in an entirely new light.


Disc 1

  1. Judge Not
  2. Now Join The Human Race
  3. Mightier Than The Sword
  4. I Killed Jason McCord
  5. The Bar Sinister
  6. Seward's Folly
  7. Salute The Soldier Briefly
  8. The Richest Man In Boot Hill
  9. Fill No Glass For Me (Part 1)
  10. Fill No Glass For Me (Part 2)
  11. The Greatest Coward On Earth

Branded Creator Larry Cohen:
A Career And A Coward Are Born


Disc 2

  1. $10,000 For Durango
  2. Romany Roundup (Part 1)
  3. Romany Roundup (Part 2)
  4. A Proud Town
  5. The Golden Fleece
  6. The Wolfers
  7. This Stage Of Fools
  8. A Destiny Which Made Us Brothers
  9. McCord's Way
  10. Nice Day For A Hanging
  11. Barbed Wire

Branded Creator Larry Cohen:
Turmoil on the Set


Disc 3

  1. Yellow For Courage
  2. Call To Glory (Part 1)
  3. Call To Glory (Part 2)
  4. Call To Glory (Part 3)
  5. The Ghost Of Murietta
  6. The Assassins (Part 1)
  7. The Assassins (Part 2)
  8. Headed For Doomsday
  9. Cowards Die Many Times
  10. Kellie

Branded Creator Larry Cohen:
Life After Branded



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