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Captain Gallant

Captain Gallant


TV on DVD: Action
2 DVD Set
Running Time: Over 4 Hours
B & W



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The Adventures of Captain Gallant, the classic 1950's television show, follows the adventures of Captain Michael Gallant, the Commander of the French Foreign Legion in the North African Desert. Buster Crabbe stars as the swashbuckling Captain Michael Gallant.

Buster Crabbe is known for being an Olympic Swimming Champion, as well as the roles he played in Hollywood's original Tarzan and Flash Gordon. Buster Crabbe's real life son Cullen Crabbe, joins his father in this series in the role of Cuffy Sanders, the son of a slain officer who is adopted by Captain Gallant. Pvt. Fuzzy Knight, played by Fuzzy Knight, provides comic relief in the role as Gallant's subordinate and friend. Other fine supporting cast members include: Gilles Quéant as Sergeant Duval, Norma Eberhardt as Carla, and Roger Trevielle as The Colonel.

This unique cast provides realism to the series, as Captain Gallant and his brave legionnaires try to keep the peace in a hostile and foreign land.


Disc 1

  1. As Long as There Are...
  2. Prayer Rug
  3. Revenge
  4. Carnival In Zagora
  5. Dagger of Judah


Disc 2

  1. Boy Who FOund Christmas
  2. Rodeo
  3. Dr. Legionaire
  4. The Long Night
  5. Lady from Zagora


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