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TV on DVD: Drama
14 DVD Set
Running Time: Over 58 Hours
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Checkmate was one of the best television dramas to come out of the 1960s, combining great scripts, locations and casting. Created by thriller-writer Eric Ambler and filmed on the streets of San Francisco, the series revolves around private investigators and their quest to prevent crimes before they happen. The show's haunting, iconic music, composed by John Williams, is perfectly suited for Checkmate's San Francisco setting, of fog-filled streets, sweeping ocean views and cable cars.

  • For the first time on DVD, the complete television series CHECKMATE starring Doug McClure, Anthony George and Sebastian Cabot, all 70 episodes from 1960 to 1962 on 12 dual-layer discs for the best picture and sound quality.
  • Over 3500 minutes, 58 hours!
  • Featuring major guest stars in every episode, including Anne Baxter, Joseph Cotten, Patricia Neal, Mickey Rooney, David Janssen, Angie Dickinson, Jack Lord, Tony Randall, Cloris Leachman, Martin Landau, Julie London, Buddy Ebsen and many,
    many more!
  • Theme music by John Williams (Jaws, Star Wars, ET, Raiders of the Lost Ark)
  • Created by the famed thriller-detective writer, Eric Ambler


Disc 1

  • Death Runs Wild
    Anne Baxter
  • Interrupted Honeymoon
    Inger Stevens, Robert Vaughan
  • Cyanide Touch
    Dean Stockwell
  • Lady on the Brink
    Jane Wyman
  • Face in the Window
    Jospeh Cotten


Disc 2

  • Runaway
    Anna Maria Alberghetti
  • Target Tycoon
    Charles Bickford
  • Deadly Shadow
    Margaret O'Brien
  • The Dark Divide
    Barbara Rush
  • Moment of Truth
    Martin Landau, Richard Conte


Disc 3

  • The Mask of Vengeance
    Cloris Leachman
  • The Murder Game
    Richard Anderson
  • The Princess in the Tower
    Terry Moore, Naomi Stevens
  • Terror from the East
    Charles Laughton
  • The Human Touch
    Peter Lorre


Disc 4

  • Hour of Execution
    James Gregory, Norma Crane
  • Don;t Believe a Word She Says
    Norman Leavitt, Mona Freeman
  • Laugh Till I Die
    Dick Shawn, H.M. Wynant
  • Between Two Guns
    Jack Warden, Beverly Garland
  • A Matter of Conscience
    Gary Merrill


Disc 5

  • Melody for Murder
    Everett Sloane, Harry Lauter
  • Phantom Lover
    Robert Lansing
  • The Gift
    Patrice Munsel
  • One of the Book
    Audrey Meadows
  • The Paper Killer
    Mickey Rooney


Disc 6

  • Jungle Castle
    Lee Marvin, Denver Pyle
  • The Deadly Silence
    Donna Douglas, Diana Lynn
  • Goodbye, Griff
    Julie London, Harry Guardino
  • Dance of Death
    Cyd Charisse, Argentina Brunetti
  • Voyage into Fear
    Joan Fontaine


Disc 7

  • Tight as a Drum
    Dan Duryea
  • Death by Design
    Eve Arden
  • The Thrill Seeker
    Susan Oliver
  • Hot Wind in a Cold Town
    Martin Landau
  • A Slight Touch of Venom
    Susan Cummings


Disc 8

  • State of Shock (Season 1 Finale)
    Nina Foch, Warren Stevens
  • Portrait of a Man Running
    Ralph Bellamy
  • The Button Down Break
    Tony Randall, Jack Betts
  • The Heat of Passion
    Dorothy Malone, John Dehner, Ed Nelson
  • Waiting for Jocko
    Jeffrey Hunter


Disc 9

  • Through a Dark Glass
    Claire Bloom, William Windom
  • Juan Moreno's Body
    Diane Lynn, Henry James
  • Kill the Sound
    Sid Caesar
  • The Crimson Pool
    Vera Miles
  • The Two of Us
    Lloyd Bridges


Disc 10

  • Nice Guys Finish Last
    James Whitmore
  • To the Best of My Recollection
    Laraine Day, Bill Bixby
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Game
    Jack Benny, Tina Louise
  • The Star System
    Elizabeth Montgomery, Jack Lord
  • The Renaissance of Gussie Hill
    Eleanor Parker, Herschel Brenardi


Disc 11

  • A Very Rough Sketch
    Keir Dullea, Dina Merrill
  • The Yacht Club Gang
    Patricia Neal, John Astin
  • Death Beyond Recall
    Walter Pidgeon
  • The Sound of Nervous Laughter
    George Sanders
  • An Assassin Arrives Andante
    Werner Klemperer, Richard Conte


Disc 12

  • Remembrances of Crimes Past
    Angie Dickinson, Anne Seymour
  • The Heart is a Handout
    Harry Dean Stanton, Myron McCormick
  • Brooding Fixation
    Mary Astor, Scott Marlowe
  • A Chant of Silence
    Nick Adams, James Coburn
  • Trial by Midnight
    Dana Andrews


Disc 13

  • Ride a Wild Horse
    David Janssen, Suzanne Lloyd
  • So Beats My Plastic Heart
    Celeste Holm, Audrey Meadows, John Astin
  • In a Foreign Quarter
    Nobu McCarthy, James Hong
  • Referendum on Murder
    Dan O'Herlihy
  • The Someday Man
    Don Taylor, Julie Adams


Disc 14

  • Rendezvous in Washington
    Macdonald Carey, Kathleen Crowley
  • The Bold and the Tough
    Ellen Burstyn, Edward Binns, Harry Carey, Jr.
  • Will the Real Killer Please Stand Up?
    Ilka Windish, Stefan Schnabel
  • Down the Gardenia Path
    Susan Kohner, Ilka Chase
  • Side by Side
    Buddy Ebsen



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