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Checkmate Part 2


TV on DVD: Drama
3 DVD Set
Running Time: Approx. 600 Minutes
B & W



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Checkmate was one of the best television dramas to come out ofthe 1960s. combining great scripts, locations and casting. Created by thriller-writer Eric Ambler and filmed on the streets of San Francisco, the series revolves around two investigators, Don Carey (Anthony George) and his younger partner Jed Sills (Doug McClure). In their quest prevent crimes before they happen, Dr. Carl Hyatt (Sebastian Cabot), a university criminologist, joins them. Some of America's most talented actors and actresses joined the sleuths in their second season of weekly tales of intrigue and danger. Some of them include Dorothy Malone (The Heat of Passion), Mary Astor (Brooding Fixation), Claire Bloom (Through a Dark Glass), Nick Adams (A Chant of Silence), John Astin (The Yacht-Club Gang). The show's haunting music, composed by John Williams (Star Wars) is perfectly suited for Checkmate's San Francisco setting, of fog-filled streets, sweeping ocean views and cable cars. This three DVD Box set, faithfully reproduced from the original NBC masters, includes twelve of the very best of Checkmate's second season.


Disc 1

  • The Heat of Passion
  • Brooding Fixation
  • Through a Dark Glass
  • Juan Moreno's Body


Disc 2

  • Nice Guys Finish Last
  • A Chant of Silence
  • So Beats My Plastic Heart
  • The Yacht-Club Gang


Disc 3

  • Death Beyond Recall
  • The Sound of Nervous Laughter
  • In a Foreign Quarter
  • Down The Gardenia Path



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