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Frontier Circus

Frontier Circus


TV on DVD: Westerns
6 DVD Set
Running Time: Over 21 Hours
B & W



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First Time on DVD!

The Circus Comes to the Wild West

26 hour-long episodes

Featuring Chill Wills, John Derek and Richard Jaeckel

Guest stars include Aldo Ray, Brain Keith, Claude Akins, and a unique star turn by Sammy Davis, Jr.


Disc 1

The Depths of Fear
A down on his luck alcoholic gets a second chance when T n' T circus gives him a job, until the lion tamer finds out the woman he likes is falling for the man and tries to have him killed.
Guest stars James Gregory, Aldo Ray and Vito Scotti.

The Smallest Target
Sharpshooter Bonnie Stevens faces an emotional crisis when she encounters the husband and son she deserted years before.
Guest star Brian Keith

Ben, who blames himself for the death of a blind equestrian's horse, searches for a similar, specially trained animal.
Guest star Otto Kruger

Dr. Sam
Irene Dunne stars as Dr. Sam, physician whose arrival at the circus provokes outrage, hostility and a brush with Indians.
Guest star Irene Dunne


Disc 3

The Patriarch Of Purgatory
Ben and Tony are imprisoned in a mine and forced to work by a religious fanatic (Royal Dano).
Guest star Royal Dano

The Shaggy Kings
The Shaggy Kings are buffalo hunters at war with a tribe of avenging Indians and each other.
Guest stars Dan Duryea, Jack Lambert and Dick York

Coals Of Fire
Sammy Davis, Jr. stars as Cato, an ex-slave who joins the circus in search of his master's killer.
Guest Star Sammy Davis, Jr.

The Balloon Girl
After a hot air balloon crashes into the local city, the boys of TNT circus offer the beautiful Katy Cogswell a job as a Female Balloon Daredevil.
Guest star Chick Chandler


Disc 5

Calamity Circus
A series of calamities strikes the circus and some of the mishaps don't appear to be accidents.

The Inheritance
thompson becomes guardian to a young acrobat whose judo prowess is driving Casey to the poorhouse.
Guest star Alan Hale, Jr.

Naomi Champagne
Ben and his fellow stage passengers are imprisoned by a bandit (Richard Conte) who has his eye on one of the travelers a dance-hall girl names Naomi (Constance Ford).
Guest stars Richard Conte and Constance Ford

Mighty Like Rogues
The circus' hospitality is much appreciated by the Jukes clan, who plan to steal every valuable in sight.
Guest star Glenda Farrell

Never Won Fair Lady
Casey's new aerial act won't work and he's forced to play nursemaid to his ex-commanding officer's son.
Guest stars Red Buttons and Gloria Talbot


Disc 2

The Hunter And The Hunted
The only doctor who can help an injured thompson has troubles of his own. He must save the critically wounded brother of a murderous outlaw.
Guest star Eddie Albert

The circus people shelter Karina (Elizabeth Montgomery), a frightened woman who fled after shooting her brutal husband.
Guest star Elizabeth Montgomery

Journey From Hannibal
Thompson undertakes an arduous desert journey, accompanied by a hardened businesswoman and an elephant.
Guest star Thelma Ritter

Winter Quarters
It's winter time and disaster hits the circus in the form of horse thieves.
Guest star Robert J. Wilke


Disc 4

Grady Regrets
Casey tries to reform Will Grady (Charles Ruggles), an incorrigible liar and swindler who was jailed for bigamy.
Guest star Charles Ruggles

Quick Shuffle
Ben takes part in a card game in an attempt to get the circus out of the red.
Guest stars Myron Healey and George Mitchell

The Courtship
Jo Van Fleet plays Amelia Curtis, a wealthy woman determined to lure Thompson away from the circus and down the aisle.
Guest stars Jeannette Nolan and Jo Van Fleet

Stopover In Paradise
Ben uses wit and charm to buy cattle from Amy Tyson (Carolyn Jones), a tough rancher who's falling for the circus owner.
Guest star Carolyn Jones


Disc 6

The Good Fight
Luke Sanders (Ray Daley) is a bundle of contradictions. His religion forbids violence, but he's an expert boxer - and he's wanted for murder.
Guest star Kenneth Toby

The Clan MacDuff
Ben and Tony are caught in a feud between the MacDuffs and the MacNeils, who've been at it for centuries.
Guest stars James Barton and Robert Ivers

The Race
Rules and fair play are dispensed with as the circus men enter a grueling race against Duke Felix Otway and his entourage.
Guest star Don Haggerty

The Darlin Durandos
Internal conflicts threaten the Durandos, a trio of aerialists whose act may dissolve in bitterness.

Incident At Pawnee Gun
Hysterical townspeople are out to destroy a circus chimp that was exposed to bubonic plague.
Guest stars Robert Lowry and Kathie Brown



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