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John Wayne

John Wayne


Feature Films: Westerns
3 DVD Set
Running Time: Over 7 1/2 Hours
Color and B & W



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Rough and tough, tall in the saddle, good with a six gun and gentle with the ladies, John Wayne was Hollywood's definition of the western hero for decades. In this anthology of early John Wayne films, revisit the drama and fast paced action that made "the Duke" a film legend. Also included in this collection is a short biography of John Wayne and selected trailers from some of his most memorable films.


Disc 1

The Desert Trail
In this "Lone Star" Western, a rodeo performer, John Wayne, and his friend are framed for robbery and murder. Wayne and his sidekick must avoid the law while chasing down the real bandits to clear their name. John Wayne's easy going charm comes to the forefront in one of his best early performances.

Paradise Canyon
This feature is one of the famous "Lone Star" Western series most action packed films. John Wayne protrays an undercover agent on the trail of a counterfeiting gang. The film combines comedy with thrilling action scenes as the Duke joins a traveling medicine show in order to hunt down the elusive gang.

Rainbow Valley
A young John Wayne plays an undercover agent sent to Rainbow Valley to investigate a gang of thugs terrorizing the townspeople. He is quickly put in charge of opening up the road that connects the rich mines of the valley to the outside world. The Duke, assisted by his long time sidekick George "Gabby" Hayes, must clear the road and bring the gang to justice.

Extra Feature:
John Wayne Biography

Disc 2

The Dawn Rider
In this gritty and tense offering from Monogram's "Lone Star" Western series, John Wayne comes back to his hometown to visit his father only to see him murdered in cold blood. Wounded and nursed back to health by the winsome heroine, the Duke faces the killers in a final well staged gunfight which includes an on screen appearance by Yakima Canutt, one of Hollywood's most respected stunt performers.

Texas Terror
In this film, John Wayne plays a sheriff who seeks solitude in the high country after he thinks he accidentally killed his best friend. Never out of the action for long, the Duke finds himself face to face with his best friend's daughter and feels obligated to help get her father's ranch back up and running. But sparks fly when she finds out that Wayne supposedly killed her father. The Duke must piece together the clues, find the true killers and prove his innocence.

Winds Of The Wasteland
This feature is one of the first films John Wayne did for Republic Pictures and the increase in the production budget is evident. He plays a novice stage coach line owner who has to fight off another stage line to win a lucrative government mail contract. In the process he hopes to bring prosperity to Crescent City, the town at the end of his stage coach line.

Extra Feature:
John Wayne Movie Trailers


Disc 3

Angel And The Badman
In Angel and the Badman, John Wayne pulls double duty as both an actor and producer and the end result is one of his best films. He plays a wounded outlaw that is nursed to health by a Quaker family. The hard-bitten Duke undergoes a subtle transformation as he falls in love with the daughter, played by Gail Russell. The exciting conclusion to the story will keep you guessing to the very end.

Extra Feature:
John Wayne Movie Trailers

Bonus Disc

Rowdy western starring John Wayne as a tough cattle baron whose refined wife (O'Hara) returns from the east after a two-year separation. She wants a divorce and custody of their 17 year old daughter (Powers), who's been away at school. In the meantime, he's hired a housekeeper (De Carlo), whose teenage son (real-life son Patrick) promptly falls for Powers. It's a battle royal between the feisty wife and cantankerous husband but no one out-dukes the Duke. Other Wayne family members include daughter Aissa (as the housekeeper's daughter) and son Michael who produced the film.



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