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Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers


Feature Films: Westerns
6 DVD Set
Running Time: 23 Hours
Color and B & W



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• 20 Feature Films, Many in Color
Licensed by the Roy Rogers Family Trust
• Compiled with the assistance of Roy "Dusty" Rogers, Jr. and Jeffrey Kramer
• Digitally Remastered for the Best in Audio and Video Quality
• Movies introduced by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
Bonus Features: A special look at Roy's Sidekicks, Roy Rogers Biography and a Tour of the Roy Rogers Museum, Hosted by Roy "Dusty" Rogers

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans take you on a trip down memory lane, as they host King of the Cowboys, an exclusive collection of the best Roy Roger's movies, authorized by the Roy Rogers Estate. Each movie is introduced by Roy and Dale in a special feature, Happy Trails Theater and they are joined by a host of your favorite western stars, including Gene Autry, Iron Eyes Cody, Pat Brady, Ruth Terry, Roy "Dusty" Rogers, Jr., Pat Butram and more! So saddle up with Roy, Dale, Trigger, Bullet and the rest of the gang for hours of wholesome, western family entertainment.

Disc 1

3 - Roy Rogers Western Movies
Sons of the Pioneers 64 mins. Color
Trigger, Jr. 64 mins. Color
Pals of the Golden West 64 mins. B/W

Bonus Feature: Biography of Roy Rogers 23 mins. B/W and Color


Disc 2

3 - Roy Rogers Western Movies
Young Bill Hickok 64 mins. B/W
Don't Fence Me In 62 mins. B/W
Down Dakota Way 67 mins. Color

Bonus Feature: "Sidekicks" Gabby Hayes, Pat Brady, Pinkie Lee and More! 18:30 mins B/W and Color

Disc 3

3 - Roy Rogers Western Movies
The Golden Stallion 67 mins. Color
Man From Oklahoma 68 mins. B/W
Rainbow Over Texas 67 mins. B/W

Bonus Feature: Roy Rogers Museum Tour Hosted by Roy "Dusty" Rogers, Jr. 3: 15 mins. B/W and Color


Disc 4

3 - Roy Rogers Western Movies
Trail of Robin Hood 67 mins. Color
Sunset in El Dorado 65 mins. B/W
North of the Great Divide 67 mins. B/W


Disc 5

4 - Roy Rogers Western Movies
Bells of Coronado 67 mins. Color
South of Caliente 67 mins. B/W
In Old Amarillo 67 mins. B/W
Along the Navajo Trail 66 mins. B/W


Disc 6

4 - Roy Rogers Western Movies
Twilight in the Sierras 67 mins. Color
Susanna Pass 67 mins. Color
Spoilers of the Plains 64 mins. B/W
Cowboys and the Senorita 78 mins. B/W
(Dale's First Movie with Roy!)



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