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The Deputy on DVD, Henry Fonda, Allen Case

The Deputy


TV on DVD: Westerns
3 DVD Set
Running Time: Approx. 5 Hours
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Long absent from the home media marketplace, The Deputy, which premiered on September 12, 1959, was set in Silver City, in the Arizona Territory of 1880. The great Henry Fonda (The Grapes of Wrath), in his first recurring role on television, plays the part of Chief Marshal Simon Fry, a lawman who will do whatever it takes to keep the peace. Clay McCord (Allen Case), his sometimes reluctant deputy, is a sharp shooting storekeeper who shuns violence whenever he can, but who is persuaded to step in to help the aging Silver City Marshal Herk Lamson (Wallace Ford) when Simon is out of town.  Other recurring roles include Red Morgan, Phil Tully and Addison Richards.  Some of the best actors of their day, including Lee Van Cleef (A Fistful of Dollars), Alan Hale Jr. (Gilligan’s Island) James Coburn (The Magnificent Seven), and Robert Redford’s very first guest appearance on television, join them. The Deputy was produced by Norman Lear (All in the Family), and features a jazz guitar score by Jack Marshall.  Henry Fonda narrates each episode, and appears in many of them, but his character is often 'out of town', keeping the peace in the far-flung Arizona Territory while Deputy Clay McCord fills in for him in Silver City.

The Deputy ran for only two seasons, but this 3DVD set containing 12 episodes long lost to the public, brings you some of the very best of The Deputy, and TMG is proud to add it to our library of classic television westerns.


Disc 1

"Proof of Guilt"
Whitney Blake, Harry Stephens
A reformed outlaw confesses to a robbery committed by his son.

"Man of Peace"
Edgar Buchanan
McCord journeys to an Apache camp on a peace-keeping mission.

"Hidden Motive"
Roxanne Berard, Charlie Briggs
Pretty Louise Spencer misinterprets McCord's efforts to console her---after he     kills her husband in a gunfight.

"The Truly Yours"
James Coburn
When outlaws burn his store, McCord becomes a full-time deputy marshal.


Disc 2

"The Last Gunfight"
Robert Redford
A gunman tries to force a reformed gunfighter into a duel.

"Palace of Chance"
Lee Van Cleef
McCord uses a gambling-hall hostess to lure her boy friend---a wanted outlaw---to Silver City.

"Brand of Honesty"
Elisha Cook Jr.
Two former crooks suspected of robberies take steps to clear themselves.

"The Stand-Off"
Alan Hale Jr.
McCord pursues the criminal who seriously wounded Fry.

Disc 3

"The Fatal Urge"
Red Morgan, Argentina Brunetti
An accused murderer's sister leads a campaign to clear her brother.

"The Higher Law"
H.M. Wynant
McCord and Sarge try to prevent a vengeful Indian from taking the law into his    own hands.

"The Three Brothers"
Lew Gallo, Jack Ging, Buzz Martin
McCord and Sarge suspect three brothers of bank robberies.

"The Dream"
Francis McDonald
Clint Hammer uses strong-arm tactics to convert his inheritance into cash.


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