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Vietnam Combat

Vietnam Combat


Documentaries: Military
3 DVD Set
Running Time: Over 6 Hours
Color and B &W



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For decades, war in Vietnam was the central drama on the stage of Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese had fought the Japanese and French Colonial troops to a standstill. The North Vietnamese and Viet Cong were prepared to fight a war for total liberation. The United States had become involved to save the Government of South Vietnam from destruction by what was seen as part of a monolithic communist plot to take over the world. Yet American actions and policies failed to win the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people.

This was an intensely publicized war, the first television war that came roaring into the living rooms of America every night. Eventually, the negative side of the war spilled over into America, touching off a wave of protest and provoking a crisis of social upheaval that rocked the foundation of American society. Few Americans who lived through these times will ever forget this period of drastic change, especially the veterans of this long and brutal conflict whose stories are featured in this series.

Their stories will give you an inside view of everyday life and death on the battlefields of war torn Vietnam. This is a story of personal heroism and sacrifice, set against the backdrop of one of the most controversial wars of our time. This is Vietnam Combat.


Disc 1

A Long And Brutal War
Warfare had become a way of life for the Vietanmese. They had fought the Chinese, Japanese, French and each other for over a thousand years. The Americans
came to Southeast Asia in an effort to save South Vietnam from Communism and nearly tore their own country apart. This is an overview of the long and brutal war in Vietnam.

The Helicopter War
The televised images of the Vietnam War often featured the UH-1 Huey Helicopter. As they became essential to America's War effort, they also came to represent the War in America. This is the story of the use of the helicopter in combat, the brave men who manned the machines and those who rode them into the fury of Vietnam combat.

Extra Feature:
Vietnam: A History Of Resistance
The history of Vietnam is full of resistance to foreign invasion and occupation. To many Vietanmese the arrival of American advisors in the mid-1950's simply meant a continuation of the struggle against French Colonialism with a new enemy.

Disc 2

The Grunt's War
Vietnam is a country of diverse landscapes and beauty. However, to the American soldier, or Grunt, nothing represented the war like the jungle: dark, foreboding
and seemingly impenetrable, the perfect hiding place for "Charlie." This is the story of how Americans came to penetrate the enemies' havens on foot and on armored vehicles. See Vietnam combat up close and personal.

The Air Force
America's war in Vietnam was fought with extensive use of stop the flow of men and material into the South and to punish the North Vietnamese, strikes were made against the North. In the South, the ground forces came to rely on close air support to help turn the tide obattle. This is the story of that effort, the planes and the men who provided America's aerial punch.

Extra Feature:
The Enemy: Liberation Strategy
In Vietnam, American forces faced two enemies. The armed forces of the National Liberation Front, known in America as the Viet Cong, and the People's Army of Vietnam, or the NVA to most Americans. Together these forces successfully pursued a strategy for the liberation of all of Vietnam.


Disc 3

The Marines
The first American ground combat units in Vietnam were the Marines. Come along as the "Devil Dogs" fight the terrain and the enemy in the northern part of South Vietnam. See life and death through the eyes of the Marines who fought in Vietnam.

The Navy
No view of the Vietnam War would be complete without the U.S. Navy. No service was more involved with so many different aspects of the fighting. The Navy fought on the waters in and around Vietnam, in the skies across Southeast Asia and even on the land. This is the story of the Navy in Vietnam, seen through the eyes of the men who were there.

Extra Feature:
The Anti-War Movement
No war in American history has divded America like the conflict in Vietnam. The anti-war movement grew from a small beginning to embrace virtually all segments of American society and ultimately to dramatically effect national policy.


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