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the guns of Will Sonnett: Complete Seasons 1 & 2

Guns of Will Sonnett


TV on DVD: Westerns
6 DVD Set
Running Time: Over 19 1/2 Hours



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The Guns of Will Sonnett follows the exploits of Will Sonnett, a retired army scout and his grandson Jeff, as they journey through the west in search of the boy's father, james. James abandoned his family twenty years before to become a renowned gunfighter. As Will and Jeff ride the high plains in hopes of finding and redeeming James, they often become involved with people who have been touched by the guns of James Sonnett, Although Will and Jeff come close, it is difficult to find James, who does not want to be found and who is always on the move.

Starring the legendary actor Walter Brennan as Will Sonnett and Dack Rambo as Jeff, The Guns of Will Sonnett aired for only two seasons. With fast paced, well-written stories and high production values, The Guns of Will Sonnett was one of the most underrated western television shows of all time. The show featured some of the best supporting actors of the day with wonderful performances from seasoned character actors Harry Dean Stanton, Claude Akins and Strother Martin. Playing opposite Walter Brennan and the rest of the fine cast also allowed young actors to gain experience. Charles Grodin, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson were just a few of the future stars who performed on The Guns of Will Sonnett. Sit back and relive the Old West of cow towns, saloons, high prairie and sagebrush, as Will and Jeff battle both gunslingers and the law in their quest to reunite their family.


Disc 1

Ride The Long Trail
A Bell For Jeff Sonnett
A Grave For James Sonnett
The Natural Way
Of Lasting Summers & Jim Sonnett
Message At Noon
A Son For A Son
Meeting At Devil's Fork
First Love

Bonus Feature:
Walter Brennan Biography-A look at one of the finest character actors in history.

Disc 2

The Favor
Ride The Man Down
The Turkey Shoot
And A Killing Rode Into Town
Find A Sonnett, Kill A Sonnett
Sunday In Paradise
The Secret Of Hangtown Mine
Sunday In Paradise
The Secret Of Hangtown Mine
The Hero
What's In A Name?

Bonus Feature:
The Guns of Will Sonnett Guest Stars-A brief look at the famous and soon-to-be-famous guest stars that appeared on The Guns of Will Sonnett.


Disc 3

End Of The Rope
And He Shall Lead The Children
Look For The Hound Dog
Stopover In A Troubled Town
The Sins Of The Father
The Warriors
A Fool And His Money

Bonus Feature:
DuPont Playhouse "Woman's Work"
Featuring Walter Brennan

Disc 4

The Trap
Chapter & Verse
The Straw Man
A Difference Of Opinion
Home Free

Bonus Feature:
Walter Brennan Biography

Disc 5

Meeting In A Small Town
The Fearless Man
Where There's Hope
Join The Army
Time Is The Rider
Robber's Roost
Trail's End

Bonus Feature:
DuPont Playhouse "Lucky 13"
Featuring Walter Brennan


Disc 6

A Town In Terror (1)
A Town In Terror (2)
Jim Sonnett's Lady
The Trail
One Angry Juror
The Sodbuster
The Man Who Killed James Sonnett

Bonus Feature:
Three Stand Together


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